Saturday, 12 January 2013

Widespread Concern over Royal Mail's Privatisation Moves

MP's in several British parties have requested government ministers guarantee any movement towards the privatisation of the Royal Mail.

Rumours state that the Royal Mail could be sold off to a private company within the next year, worrying residents in remote locations who believe they will end up paying more for deliveries. Current a Universal Service Obligation prevents this becoming a reality and an early motion has been issued by MP's stating their concern over the issue.

The main concerns are over the equality of pricing and the impact it may have on commercial and personal interests. Some believe that if a private company take over they may limit the deliveries to rural areas or charge more money. The move may also result in widespread postal service redundancies  a further blow to an already struggling economy.

These problems further underline the reasons that people are currently moving on to privately hosted mailboxes that offer a far better price on a more flexible contract. Whether the days of the Royal Mail are gone is debatable, but it seems like they may never regain their previous hold on certain areas of the sector.

Royal Mail Red Postbox

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