Friday, 28 September 2012

What are the Advantages of a Virtual Office?

View the advantages of using a virtual office over a traditional physical office service. Learn how to expand into new markets, or test new business environments with a flexible and affordable service.

Working from home can seem very appealing. Imagine just being able to roll out of bed, have breakfast and work without all of that annoying travel time. Yet there are also downsides to working from home that aren’t considered. Working from home destroys the barrier you erect between your domestic and work life and identities. This can take the form of working late into the night, or dealing with customers at unsociable hours who can now contact your 24 hours a day. The lack of privacy can also leave you open to cold callers trying to sign you up to services you haven’t requested and don’t require.

Physical Office Space
The traditional solution to this problem is to invest in a small amount of office space. Yet this is often expensive and inflexible with lengthy tie in contracts that are hard to get out of should you run into financial difficulties. When you consider that almost half of new businesses fail within three years this is a large risk to take when starting out. Also, for many – such as those who work on the internet or in different locations – office space is simply unnecessary.
Office Space
What a Headache

Virtual Offices
A virtual office offers a number of benefits to the traditional office environment. The lack of traditional overheads means that you could save upwards of 80% on a physical location. Also they allow you to create a presence in a new country, region or city without real expansion, increasing your market opportunities. Similarly they allow you to recruit qualified freelancers that may not live in your area of business. A virtual office removes physical limitations and allows you to become a truly global company.

Virtual Offices also allow you to appear like a more professional company with a corporate sounding city centre address. Many people mistrust home or PO box addresses, a mailing address service with a department name or suite number will make you appear like a larger company and potentially attract new business.

Another advantage is the speed at which a virtual office can be setup meaning you can be operational more quickly and, if necessary, close down more quickly. The greater flexibility offered by short virtual office contracts mean that you can cheaply test out new markets before fully committing to see if they are actually profitable.

Lastly Virtual Offices normally include a mail forwarding service. This is perfect if you are always on the road as it allows you to have important mail sent to you on demand. This can mean saving time sorting through unnecessary junk mail. Mail forwarding services are also happy to sign for packages that you can then pick up or mail that requires a signature. Mail forwarding can allow you to maintain a presence in the country and then have your mail send worldwide.
UK mail forwarding
Mail Forwarding Worldwide 


  1. I run a virtual office as well. At first, it was very difficult to manage and it was also a lot of trial and error. I needed a new program for something every week. Also, a shipping service was one of the hardest elements of my virtual office. I discovered home direct amazon and have no complaints. They do an outstanding job shipping items for me and getting them to the location on time. To anyone who is running a virtual office this is something you might want to consider.

  2. There are both advantages and disadvantages for choosing either to have a physical or virtual office. I think that there are matters that are better dealt with personally because there is more interaction. Personally, I think that helps in making people understand things better. However, it is also convenient that lawyers and clients can contact each other if either party can’t meet face-to-face. That’s where virtual offices come in handy. Not only does it save lawyers rental fees, but it also helps them in expanding to other areas without having a physical office in the location.

    Deana Varney

  3. I think it’s better to grab these advantages, but be careful with the possible risks. You see, the technology today has given a lot of possibilities, including unauthorized access to your data. You should be a lot careful with your transactions using your virtual office, and again, take advantage of its business benefits. :)

    [ Clayton Steadham ]